• AI Black Belt Training Program

    A progressive, hands-on, machine learning & deep learning training, taking you from beginner to mastery.

    A classroom experience for developers, business managers, and top executives.

  • Choose your track and progress

    "Every journey starts with a first step"

    A 2-hour intro on AI

    for everyone

    The AI White Belt is a gentle introduction in two hours to Artificial Intelligence.
    It puts AI into a clear perspective, from a historical, technical, societal perspective.

    It is not just a conference!
    The public needs to answer regular quizzes on their smartphone.

    If successful, they become part of the AI Black Belt community.




    More on AI White Belt

    4 half-days

    for developers

    With the only pre-requisite to be (semi-) fluent in Python, the Yellow Belt introduces coders to the basics of AI :

    • understand a culture of "data", the basic ingredient of all algorithms,
    • intro to stats, NumPy library,
    • supervised machine learning (ML) with Scikit-Learn,
    • how to tune your parameters,
    • how to evaluate the quality of your model on new data.

    4 half-days

    for managers

    This brings a thorough overview of AI, to allow managers, C-level or team leaders, to understand the business implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    You will be able to :

    • understand what AI can and cannot do,
    • identify problems within the company that can benefit from AI,
    • establish an "AI roadmap",
    • evaluate the AI skills needed (internal & contractors).

    AI Expert Belts

    Green, Blue, Brown, Black

    for developers

    • Green Belt will be available as a 10 days Summer School in August 2019.
    • Blue & Brown belts will bring people progressively to a specialized master level (available from 2020).
    • Black Belt is the ultimate level of expertise of this program (available from 2020)..
  • Easiest way not to miss the AI train!

    AI is probably one of the technological changes that will have the biggest impact on society. "AI is the new electricity" (Andrew Ng, Stanford)

    Yet, companies are too slow to fully understand and seize the opportunities presented by Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI.

    AI Black Belt has been designed to bring them up to speed in the easiest and fastest way possible.


  • A progressive program, for managers and developers

    Easiest way to get into AI | hands-on | practical | validated

    Progressive, from beginner to mastery

    AI may seem an intimidating, even arcane field. We've split the path to mastery as a succession of "belts", much like martial arts.

    White Belt is the most introductory level: accessible to anyone, in 2 hours, it includes short quizzes on your mobile and makes you a member of the community.

    Then Yellow and Orange belts, respectively for coders and for managers, covers the bases in 4 half-days.

    Green Belt covers in some depth the bases of machine learning, and an intro to deep learning, over 10 days of summer school.

    Blue and Brown belts require an increasing level of difficulty and engagement leading you progressively to Black Belt, truly a level of mastery.

    Practical, real use cases

    It will be hands-on! We will make it easy, by using code running in an open-source environment (Jupyter notebooks)

    Even in Orange Belt, designed for managers (non-coders), you will get to see the actual code running, be able to change parameters, and understand in some technical detail, really how AI works under the hood. You will learn a lot from interacting with your peers.


    Finally, you will be exposed to real-world examples from practitioners such as Jetpack.ai, Sagacify, Radix.ai, etc.

    Vendor-neutral, yet vendor-enabled.

    Most of the environments and tools that we use are open source, to offer the most freedom. However, we intend also to enable learners to work with industry-standard environments in the cloud. There will be special sessions where learners will have a chance to experiment with the AI environments of the major providers:

    • Google Cloud
    • Amazon AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • IBM Watson

    This will make sure that their skills are in sync with market expectation and geared towards production environments.


    A community of learners

    Once you start your journey with the AI White Belt, you will be part of the community of learners with a close relationship to our trainers, program designers, and practitioners, true experts in the field: Gilles Louppe (ULiège), Kevin Françoisse (Sagacify), Gregory Renard (xBrain), Gautier Krings (Jetpack.ai), and many others.


    Because AI Black Belt relies very much on peer-learning, learners are expected to be open, and even to contribute to the community. (Green Belts are expected to mentor Yellow Belts, etc.)


    In addition to the classroom experience, there will be online resources (code repository, MOOC, playbook,...)



    Check our Summer, Fall and Winter training.

    For everyone

    2 hours


    For coders (Python required)

    4 half-days

    For executives & managers

    4 half-days


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