• AI Yellow Belt

    A first tech introduction to Artificial Intelligence for developers

  • How it works

    Get the foundations of Artificial Intelligence

    A hands-on, practical approach

    Learn through coding

    Although maths are key for understanding the underlying aspects of AI, no prior math knowledge will be required.

    The only pre-requisite is some basic experience with Python (join our Python refresher course if you need one).

    Learning will happen through coding in a Jupyter notebook environment, in the browser. You don't need to install anything.

    Understand the basics

    We favor depth over breadth

    We have favored getting a thorough understanding of the key concepts, over a rapid overview of many algorithms.

    • Week 1 - Introduction to machine learning with Python
    • Week 2 - Learn to identify and solve supervised learning problems

    • Week 3 - Practice regression algorithms for sentiment analysis

    • Week 4 - Learn how to let the machine tune itself

    Every half-day of training tends to be split into :

    - 1 hour of explanations;

    - 1 hour of "lab" where we manipulate data together;

    - 1 hour of "challenge": you try and replicate a similar problem on your own;

    - 1 hour of wrap-up and/or case study: to illustrate on what you have learned.

    An intro on data, algorithms, and operational considerations

    A first encounter with data science & machine learning

    Subjects covered include :

    - Understanding data: with Jupyter, NumPy,

    - Supervised Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

    - How to do it right: choosing parameters, evaluating the quality of the model

    - Production considerations: tools, pipelines, people, skills.


    Remember: this is just an introductory step. Gradual mastery will come with practice, and further AI Belts (Green, Blue, Brown, etc.)

    You will become part of an AI learning community

    Beyond the training, a resourceful network, to grow further

    The name "AI Black Belt" was not chosen at random. We wanted to evoke the spirit of progress, of healthy emulation, between learners of an art, that can be found in martial arts. Once you become part of the AI Black Belt community, you will be expected to give and take, exchange practices and challenges with your peers.

    You will also have access to a host of lifelong resources: AI business cases, videos, invitations to conferences, talks, etc.

  • Apply for the AI Yellow Belt

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    AI Yellow Belt Training - FALL & WINTER

    Four half-days class from 9am until 1.30pm (including lunch)

    Location: BeCentral, on top of Brussels Central Station

    • Fall Training on Tuesdays: 01/10 - 8/10 - 15/10 - 22/10
    • Winter Training on Tuesdays: 19/11 - 26/11 - 3/12 - 10/12

    Tuition Fee*: 1600 euro (excl. VAT)

    * Discount for private individual: 1200 euro (no invoice)