• AI White Belt

    A gentle introduction, for everyone, in two hours.

  • How it works

    The best & most you can learn, in a limited time

    For every public

    For company employees, citizen, or teenagers

    Artificial Intelligence will impact every industry, and many facets of society.

    It's only normal that everyone would want to know more.

    AI White Belts will be organized all across the country.
    And later, be available as an online course.

    A gentle overview

    The best and most you can learn in a limited time

    AI White Belt will give a high-level view on many aspects of Artificial Intelligence:

    • history and perspective
    • what AI can do and cannot do, with many examples
    • how it is done: some technical considerations, in plain language
    • why we should care: the societal & ethical impacts of AI
    • next steps: what can we do to learn more

    More than a conference !

    Quizzes to assess your understanding

    You will follow the explanation, smartphone in hand, and be invited to answer some questions every 10-15 minutes. Not only does this stimulate you to give your best attention, it also ensures that you've properly mastered the concepts.

    Answering with a proper score makes you a member of the AI Black Belt learning community.

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